"Alcohol is doping in my sport”

"Alcohol is doping in my sport”: Sviatlana Shcherbatsevich and Konstantin Yakovlev gave interview to Euroradio

As a part of #ZOZHTeam (Healthy LifestyleTeam) campaign, athletes spoke with Euroradio about their relationship with alcohol and tobacco .

Sviatlana Shcherbatsevich, the European Championship medalist in shooting, the World Cup finalist, multiple champion of the Belarus Cup, believes that the main reason why people have started drinking more recently includes the events of the past months in Belarus.

"Alcohol in my sport is doping. That's why I have a long-distance relationship with alcohol. I am a professional athlete. I need to be in shape to stand steady: I need strong legs, back, abs. - Sviatlana notes. - I think that the most difficult thing in order to stop smoking is to find motivation. If I smoked now, athletes would be a good example for me. I would look at them and think that I want to be like them."

Konstantin Yakovlev, the head coach of the handball team "Vityaz-Leon",  told how he stopped smoking in the summer of 2020: "I grew up in the courtyard. The courtyard taught me a lot and, of course, I tried to smoke cigarettes very early, probably before the 5th grade. Once it seemed to be very cool. The main character of the movie "Die Hard", Stallone in his movies smoked and did it beautifully. And we also wanted to demonstrate in such a way that we were tough guys. Now I am proud that last summer I completely finished this story for myself. I used to have a cough and a sore throat. And I still kept smoking. I knew that was all from the cigarettes. And I turned that page. I've always wanted to do that.”

"We are athletes and our values are not alcohol, cigarettes or drugs," says Konstantin. - We want people to be healthy not in words, as the current regime always does, but in deeds. We unite, not just talk. Our task is to be together. We want to cheer people up, motivate them to practise sports and say that we will win, we are with you, we are here".
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