"It is not the kind of championship we dreamed of!»

According to the World Population Review of 2021, Belarus ranks first in terms of the amount of alcohol consumed.

"It is not the kind of championship we dreamed of! To fight for a "healthy" lifestyle and to "take care" of the population, Lukashenko puts Tabakerkas [Tabakerka - snuff box - tobacco kiosks chain - Transl.] on every corner and even near schools by his decrees," Aliaksandra comments.

"We see that only a few sports enjoy privileges, while others are forced to train in cost-cutting mode. We see officials taking the places of doctors and massage therapists at the Olympics. We see that sports in our country is a part of the dictatorship propaganda, but not of a healthy lifestyle, sports spirit and character development".

"We announce the launch of a large-scale campaign for a healthy lifestyle. Now absolutely everyone, regardless of age, height, weight, physical abilities, can become a member of the National Healthy Lifestyle Team of Belarus! And the first and most important step towards our goal is to completely stop drinking and smoking throughout the campaign."

In the video, Aliaksandra encourages everyone to become a member of the BSSF campaign #ZOZHTeam (Healthy LifestyleTeam) by joining the famous Belarusian athletes.

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